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I want to make an account called shitdestiellerssay and reblog shit about destiel fans being annoying as fuck



lol look I found a destiewer

I’m pretty sure someone’s already made that blog

I know a lot of people invest an alarming amount of time hating on everything destiel-related

“'So let me get this straight, Dean Winchester—no pun intended—'”
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The problem with destiel.


What up with all the supernatural shippers?

Shipping Dean and cas?!?

They all say “it’s in the subtext”
Well guess what. No it fucking isn’t.

I don’t have anything against gay people. I’m not homophobic.

Just shut up if they aren’t gay don’t try to make them gay.


there are more sexualities than gay and straight. Perhaps you’d know that if you weren’t so busy not being homophobic




did everyone just quietly forgive pharrell for being in blurred lines

He was what?

Yeah, he wrote it together with Robin Thicke. I did wonder why nobody ever mentioned him (not that Robin Thicke doesn’t deserve all the backlash he gets; he deserves a lot more than that, actually).

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sometimes i wonder if there was a time when sam and dean forgot to put up a “do not disturb” sign and room service came into sam and dean’s room and saw all the pinned up pictures of murder victims and monsters and all that stuff, and she just kind of went


I was expecting this to be wincest but then it wasn’t and I just


the urls sound like sam and dean trying to one up each other

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I have never related to anything so hard omg

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